Healing benefits of Inipi or Temazcal

"Inipi" (pronounced "ee-nee-pee"), means 'to live again'. Practiced by the natives of the United States since immemorial time, this ceremony has a sense of purification, rebirth, rejuvenation and awakening of consciousness. It is a sacred communion and a reconnection with the Creator. It is also known as Sweat Lodge and as the Lodge of the Stone Villages.

Communities of Mayan origin in Mexico and Central American countries perform the same ceremony, simply calling it "Temazcal" ("tee-mez-kel"), with the same purpose of physical, mental, and spiritual purification.

All terms are acceptable, for it is the same search of the human being to cleanse his body, mind and spirit, in connection with divinity and its purposes.

The sweat ceremony is meant to be a spiritual reunion with the creator and a respectful connection with the earth itself as much as to purge toxins from the physical body.

The effects of Inipi or Temazcal act on three levels:

  • 1) Mental Healing – The Inipi ceremony gives you the opportunity to free your mind from distractions, gaining more clarity.
  • 2) Spiritual Healing – Inipi offers a place for introspection and connection with the planet and the spiritual world.
  • 3) Physical healing – There are multiple benefits in this area:
    • · Antibacterial and healing
    • · Cleanses the lungs
    • · Purifies the digestive organs
    • · Regulates the central nervous system
    • · Stimulates the circulatory system and helps lymph detoxify heavy metals
    • · Tones and rejuvenates the skin
    • · Eliminates muscle aches and pains
    • · Promotes the elimination of toxins
    • · Strengthens the immune system
    • · Helps regulate menstrual problems in women
    • · Regulates metabolism
    • · Purifies the blood
    • · Helps in weight loss
    • · Decreases water retention
    • · Eliminates fatigue and tiredness


How to dress appropriately to attend an Inipi:

  • · The use of swimsuits, shorts, or any other garment adequate for warm and humid environment is recommended.
  • · It is advisable to carry a change of clothes and towel
  • · The use of sandals for wet soil is recommended.


Participation in an Inipi or Temazcal is not recommended for people with epilepsy, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular history. In any case, consult with your trusted doctor.


As an all-day activity, Arka Events will provide fruit-based foods.

· It is recommended to eat frugally the day before.

· It is also necessary for participants to bring their own glass or metal bottle to refill with water.