Conditions of participation

In order to complete your registration for this Retreat it is a requirement that you have read and approved these "Conditions of Participation"If for any reason you do not want to do so, it will be appropriate that you do not participate in the event. The purpose of this legal text is to enforce and protect the intellectual property rights of Abuelo Iron Eagle on the knowledge that he will impart and the ceremonies and rituals that he will conduct acting as spiritual guide of the retreat. As a result of the work that he carried out for decades investigating, compiling, interpreting and adapting the enormous cultural baggage of his ancestors, the authorship of the teachings that Abuelo Iron Eagle teaches are protected by International Intellectual Property Law. You agree not to infringe those rights and not to carry out any activity that could harm the event, thus ending up not using digital recording devices, smart cell phones with this function and video cameras, during the talks and ceremonies that make up the event program. In this way you agree not to record, reproduce, market, distribute, transform or modify the content you access during this event. If you agree with this ethical and legal basis, you are eligible and welcome to participate in this Retreat.

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