Conditions of participation

To complete the registration process for the 2023 Bilingual Ancestral Retreat, it is necessary to have read and approved the "Conditions of Participation". If for any reason you do not want to do so, it will be correct that you not participate in the event. On the contrary, if your determination is to continue with the registration process, you agree to comply with this legal text.

The purpose of these "Conditions of Participation" is to respect and protect the intellectual property rights over the knowledge, ceremonies, and rituals that Abuelo Iron Eagle will share when acting as spiritual guide of the 2023 Bilingual Ancestral Retreat. The process of collecting, interpreting, and adapting this enormous cultural background, in which he has printed his personal touch – a work carried out for decades – gives Abuelo Iron Eagle fully protected by International Intellectual Property Law copyright. You agree not to infringe those rights and not to engage in any unlawful activity that may harm the event.

Illicit activity includes, but is not limited to, the use of digital recording devices, smart cell phones with that function and video camcorders during the talks and ceremonies that make up the Retreat's program of activities. Voice recordings and videos of the Retreat activities are strictly prohibited. Carrying recorders and cell phones to the sites of activities of the Retreat will not be allowed, even with the promise of not using them illegally.

The information provided by Abuelo Iron Eagle is for self-knowledge and personal growth of the participant, not to be reproduced for the benefit of non-participating third parties, such as giving talks, conferences, courses, seminars, or writing or publishing books, magazines, articles, blogs, or any other means of communication.

You agree to not reproduce, duplicate, publicly communicate, copy, sell, market, resell, distribute, transform, or modify the acquired content, the contents to which you access.

Agreeing to this ethical and legal basis makes you eligible to participate in the 2023 Bilingual Ancestral Retreat.