Man of Medicine

The use of native musical instruments that he incorporates in his activities, as well as singing and dancing, are part of the work of recovering the culture of his ancestors; something that Abuelo Iron Eagle has been doing for years.

Abuelo Iron Eagle during a ceremony of homage to water held during one of the days of the 2022 Renewal Retreat, in Sedona, Arizona

Abuelo Iron Eagle, a native spiritual leader, is a member of an Apache Chiricahua family in which his ancestors have been healers, a mission he continues to honor through countless activities. It is for this reason that he is recognized as "Man of medicine".

For more than 20 years, he has worked in the rescue of the culture of his ancestors, from ritual ceremonies, the Medicine Wheel, sacred prayers, musical instruments and singing, to native dance. Every year he has participated and currently organizes the "Dance of the Sun". For this reason he is also known as "Dancing Man of the Sun".

His curiosity for and interest in other cultures has led him to distant countries such as India, Egypt, Holy Land and Japan, in some cases invited to participate in events of spiritual evolution. This is how he met Dr. Masaru Emoto, a researcher of the reactions of water to the words and emotions of the human being. In successive trips to Japan, Abuelo has been participating in laboratory experiences in which he prays, sings, and plays music with native instruments, to see later the effect operated on the molecules of water under the microscope. So far, the results are astonishing and conclusive about the feasibility of the native belief that through sacred prayers, it is possible to exert beneficial effects and transform water into medicine.

A resident of Florida, United States, he maintains an interesting institutional activity. Every year he is usually invited by Valencia College in Orlando, to share his reflections with graduates and professors. He frequently gives talks aimed at diverse audiences in which he turns reflections on the importance of respecting the environment, of returning to intimate contact with nature to remove the harmful effects of everyday stress and dependence on electronic devices.

Abuelo Eagle or simply Abuelo as the is usually called by those who have day-to day contact with him, considers that the universe offers human beings the possibility of living in harmony, health and happiness and when for some reason this is lost, t is possible to recover it by returning to the origin through the ceremonies and practices that for millennia allowed the human being to be One with Mother Earth.

Founder of the Tanahuachi Kiva Spiritual Retreat Center, he provides counseling and assistance to families and communities in raising awareness. Iron Eagle practices and teaches the traditional indigenous lifestyle called "Red Road," the path of the heart.