Bilingual Ancestral Retreat 2003

THE PLACE —Surrounded by a lush and old semitropical frond, the charming hacienda where we will hold our Bilingual Ancestral Retreat from April 19 to 23, 2023, is located in a rural area some distance away from the city of Cancun, Quintana-Roo, Mexico.

In the middle of the forest, given its color, the two-story colonial-style building that houses comfortable rooms, fresh halls, and corridors, with a series of services to satisfy the needs and rest of visitors, stands out.

The hacienda has an informal colonial-style country hotel look. The colorful, laid-back rooms feature private bathrooms and the usual hotel amenities. Other amenities include a restaurant with a covered terrace, outdoor pool and Jacuzzi, as well as a spa and Temazcal steam room.

In this countryside context of comfortable facilities and a variety of services, this Retreat is as an invitation to leave behind the worries, commitments, obligations and the "I have to dos" of daily life. It is an ideal environment to make the necessary stop that facilitates t the work of introspection, of reunion with the inner Being and of process healing.

The ceremonies that Abuelo Iron Eagle will conduct, in the ancestral way, will add a holistic content of high value.

Tributes to the elements of nature and through them, the reconnection with the energy of the universe will offer participants the opportunity to re-establish their bond with that original vital source as human beings have done from the beginning of time with the simple intention of being connected to divinity.

Likewise, the rituals to honor the ancestors will give an opportunity to thank, forgive, forgive, inquire, and process facts and situations that could be traumatic and that must and can be healed. This is the possibility offered by the ceremony of the Inipi or Temazcal, a therapy in the "steam hut" in connection with the ancestors that can help resolve interrupted and even ignored processes, which can mark a before and after.


Man of Medicine

This retreat will be guided simultaneously in English and Spanish by Abuelo Iron Eagle, a respected spiritual leader descendant from a family of healers of the Apache Chiricahua lineage.

Other units are suitable for group activities, including a generously sized "palapa", recreation areas and refreshing swimming pools. At the time of year when the retreat will take place – full spring – the warm weather is acceptably benign, with bearable temperatures and scarce rainfall. With regards to the meal regime, provisions have been made for a healthy diet, prepared on site and with fresh ingredients.



Known as "Inipi" among the tribes of the United States and Canada, and as "Temazcal" in Mexico and Central American countries, the steam bath dates to a very early period in the history of the Americas. In both cases, it represents the womb of our Mother Earth and the Universe.

impregnating nature


The closest arrival airport to the hacienda is Cancun.

The high and low jungle that almost completely covers the region has a strong presence that permeates the senses. This vegetal exuberance offers the opportunity to make intimate contact with nature in its purest state. In this region the flora is expressed with a great variety of species among which mahogany, red cedar and ceiba stand out, as well as palm trees and endless shrub genera. Open trails in the middle of the forest invite you to undertake ecological walks.

This generously sized palapa will provide space for ceremonial and interaction activities such as the "Word Circle".

The Program

The activities will begin on Wednesday 19 in the afternoon with a welcome meeting for participants, during which an activity of deep ancestral sense will take place. In the following days, at dawn, there will be sun salutation ceremonies accompanied by exercises and ecological walks in order to activate the physical energy and sensitivity of the senses.

Abuelo Iron Eagle will lead ceremonies of homage to the elements of nature: fire, water and mother earth, channeling through them the energy of the universe. Meditations and "word circles" will help participants work on internal reference. The central part of the program will be dedicated to paying homage to ancestors through sacred rituals of Temazcal.

What's included

· 4-night accommodation
· 4 breakfasts, 3 lunches and 4 dinners
· Internal transportation to program locations
· Accommodation in rooms with hotel details
· Participation in the full program

Not included

· Air transport
· Ground transportation: Cancun-Hacienda / Hacienda-Cancun or to the airport


It is recommended to dress in comfortable clothes preferably of light color and slippers (tennis) and / or reinforced shoes to walk on uneven ground.


Accommodation will be in rooms with hotel-style amenities, some equipped with double beds and others with single beds. All rooms are oriented towards the outside with a view of the lush green forest. They have hot/cold showers, air conditioning, and a fan. In true hacienda-style, there is an armoire to store clothes and a desk. The offer is completed with a minibar and Wi-Fi service. The cell phone signal is good. Check in is at 4:00pm and check out at 12:00pm.

Why participate in this Retreat

“By participating in this retreat, you will live a deeply enriching and unforgettable experience that will help you heal emotional debts with your ancestors; forgive and forgive you; give thanks for the gifts received and transmute past indecisions into proactive strength for the future.”

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