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Arka International, a Miami (USA) based institution is dedicated to promoting the teaching and dissemination of knowledge, therapies, and activities that contribute to the evolution of the BEING from a holistic and integrative perspective.

Bilingual Ancestral Retreat 2003

For thousands of years, the human beings have maintained an intimate contact with nature and with the vital energy of the universe, through sacred rituals in which they have also honored their ancestors as a way to heal the relationships of the clan and harmonize their existence. With the same purpose, we will carry out our 2023 Bilingual Ancestral Retreat, in the mystical land of Yucatan, Mexico, which will be guided in English and Spanish by Abuelo Iron Eagle. This is an invitation to live an experience of introspection that will mark a before and after in our lives, in the ancestral way.

Cycle of Activities

Fuego - temazcal

Bilingual Ancestral Retreat 2023
April 19-23, 2023

  • Yucatan, Mexico
    Guided in English and Spanish by the
    Abuelo Iron Eagle



Tambor Ceremonial

  • El cupo de hasta 8 personas del primer taller se ha completado.
  • Próximo taller en fecha a determinar. Reserva tu lugar, regístrate.



Renewal Retreat 2023

  • Guided in Spanish by:
    Abuelo Iron Eagle



Renewal Retreat in Sedona, AZ

  • Cycle 2024 
    Guided in Spanish by:
    Abuelo Iron Eagle


Events held


Renewal Retreat 2022
Sedona, Arizona